4. Halo ODST Body Armor Costume – $450.00

Halo ODST Body Armor Costume

Prepare for intergalactic warfare by suiting up in this Halo ODST body armor costume. This fan-made costume is hand crafted from urethane resin and EVA foam so it’s lightweight and can be customized to fit your exact measurements.

5. Oogie Boogie Costume – $450.00

Oogie Boogie Costume

Give your kids nightmares that’ll endure throughout their childhood by dressing up in the Oogie Boogie costume. Great for parties or pranks, this custom made full body suit and mask is crafted from burlap to provide an frighteningly authentic look.

6. Kick-Ass Costume

Kick-Ass Costume

With the Kick-Ass costume you’ll be able to patrol the streets while simultaneously collecting tons of candy from the neighborhood you protect. Whether you decide to use the costume in the name of justice or gluttony, you’ll look Kick-Ass either way.

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