Is Audible Worth It?

Is Audible Worth It?

As a fan of audio books , I find it well worth the money for a subscription. You get 2 books a month. These credits stay on my account until I spend them. If I ever decide my library is complete and I don’t want any more audio books, I cancel my subscription and all books remain mine.

I’d definitely recommend signing up to Audible. Its enabled me to consume more great quality content than I would have been able to otherwise.

The quality of the recordings is so good that it can often bring a book (both fiction and non-fiction) to life even more than if I was reading it myself.

The one thing that may make it less appealing is if you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime. With Prime, you have full access to the audible library. You can use the books as much as you want. But if you decide to leave your subscription to Prime, you do NOT get to keep the books.

Audible is a great choice if you return to your favorite audio books over and over again and are interested in building up your library.

Get three months for free with an annual membership