Ensure you put a big old smile on your favorite gamer’s face – even if they already seem to have every console and game imaginable – by opting for a goody from this varied guide of gifts for the gamer that has everything. We’ve packed this gift guide full of creative game-related novelty products that range from simple decorative pieces like some mind-blowing Portal mirrors and a cool Super Mario question block lamp, to fun accessories like a GoldenEye 007 watch and Mario chain chomp earrings that will win you major brownie points with your favorite gamer.

1. Arcade Light Switch – CHECK IT OUT

Arcade Light Switch

Add some color and whimsy to your home with these nostalgic arcade style light switches. These arcade light switches are great for game rooms or kids rooms, but look especially great in your parents basement that you still live in at the disturbing age of 38.

2. Dark Assassin Dagger – CHECK IT OUT

Dark Assassin Dagger

Infiltrate a castle and keep your deadly weapon undetected with this dark assassin dagger with sheath, Styled like a fine medieval dagger, this beautifully crafted weapon features a 5-1/2″ stainless steel blade complete with custom sheath.

3. Minecraft Ore Block – CHECK IT OUT

Minecraft Ore Block

Give your home or office a blocky feel to it with this incredible light up Minecraft ore block. This touch activated night light block is designed to look just like redstone ore from the indie hit sensation Minecraft, and makes an excellent gift idea for gamers.

5. Tetris Heat Changing Cup – CHECK IT OUT

Tetris Heat Changing Cup

Give your morning cup of coffee a geeky twist with this Tetris heat changing cup. This officially licensed twelve ounce cup will transform in seconds to a colorful game of Tetris when you add any hot beverage to it, making it a great gift idea for old school gamers.

6. Zelda Triforce Lamp – CHECK IT OUT

Zelda Triforce Lamp

For decades Zelda fans have been wondering what great powers would be unlocked when you located and combined all pieces of the Triforce – it turns out it was just a lamp all along. Perfect for gamers, the Triforce lamp can be configured as either a hanging or desk lamp.

10. Portable Super Nintendo Player – CHECK IT OUT

Portable Super Nintendo Player

Break out that box SNES cartridges you’ve got in storage because now you replay all the classics on this amazing handheld Super Nintendo player! Shaped like the original controller of a Super Nintendo, this pocket SNES is great for nostalgic gamers.

12. Replica Portal Gun – CHECK IT OUT

Replica Portal Gun

The technology to create portals may not exist yet, but in the mean time you can use your imagination to relive all those fun puzzles with these incredibly detailed replica portal guns. These 1:1 scale replica guns have blue and orange LEDs, and trigger firing sounds.

13. Geeky Vincent van Gogh Paintings – CHECK IT OUT

Geeky Vincent van Gogh Paintings

Show off your fondness for the classics with these geeky Vincent van Gogh paintings. Each vibrant work of art displays a unique and vibrant mashup of geeky franchises like Star Wars or Super Mario Bros. painted in van Gogh’s iconic style.

16. Video Gaming Chair – CHECK IT OUT

Video Gaming Chair

Submerge yourself completely into your favorite game by carrying out your marathon sessions on this video gaming chair. The ergonomic design provides full back support in addition to functional features like forward facing speakers and wireless audio transmission.

21. Super Mario Question Block Lamp – CHECK IT OUT

Super Mario Question Block Lamp

Create some quaint ambient lighting in true gamer fashion using this Super Mario question block lamp. Styled like the classic 8-bit cubes from the game, it lets out a nice warm glow and makes the iconic “ding” sound when you bop it.

24. Mario Chain Chomp Lamp – CHECK IT OUT

Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

Give your room a little Nintendo flair with some accent lighting from this Mario Chain Chomp lamp. This whimsical task lamp comes designed exactly like a Chain Chomp – complete with a swiveling head that you can pivot so the light is always at the perfect angle.