Add a touch of color, whimsy, and style to your reading room or nook by storing your ever-growing literary collection on one of these creative bookshelves for your home. If you find traditional shelves too mundane, then feast your eyes on these unique choices. You’ll find everything from a flexible bookshelf that you can bend to your liking, to a cool floating shelf that makes it look like a superhero is holding your books up on the wall.

1. Floating Bookshelves – CHECK IT OUT

Floating Bookshelves

Store your books on your wall like never before with these floating bookshelves. Using a clever design that conceals the supporting shelf, you simply insert the shelf in between the bottom book, and it will appear as if your entire stack of books is floating in mid air.

2. Curvy Bookshelf – CHECK IT OUT

Curvy Bookshelf

Make your home look a little more seasick with the curvy bookshelf, the bookshelf that makes your living room into a veritable Salvador Dali painting. These bookshelves are handcrafted of hard wood, and will hold your books up straight while giving your eyes a treat.

3. Bookshelf Bed Frame – CHECK IT OUT

Bookshelf Bed Frame

Transform your bedroom into your very own reading nook by keeping your literary collection stored in the bookshelf bed frame. Ideal for any avid reader, the frame comes lined with small shelves at the bottom so that your favorite books are always at hand.

4. Tree Bookshelf – CHECK IT OUT

Tree Bookshelf

This tree bookshelf transforms literature into beautiful and functional wall art. Made using a real fallen tree branch, the shelf features an artistic and contemporary design that provides ample space at various height levels.

5. Flexible Bookshelf – CHECK IT OUT

Flexible Bookshelf

Give your reading nook a touch of whimsy by keeping your books organized using the flexible bookshelf. The bookshelf’s unique design comes with built in bookends to keep books upright while allowing you to bend and mold it to your liking for a truly custom look.